Teal Wood Stain – Mixing Wood Dyes – Teal Wood Dye Color Formula Using Keda Dyes

Making custom wood dye colors using the Keda Wood Dye kit. This video displays a teal wood dye colors formula, and how to mix Keda Dyes to create a vibrant, gorgeous teal wood stain.

Teal Wood Dye Colors Formula:
4 – 6 ozs Isopropyl Alcohol
2 – 3 ozs Hot Water
The above can also be substituted for mixing wood dyes with only water or Isopropyl Alcohol using 4 -9 ozs of either one.
Blue Wood Dye = 0.5 grams
Yellow Wood Dye = 0.06 grams
Mix wood dyes well, let rest for 30 minutes,
After resting, mix the teal wood stain well again, and apply.

Wood Dye is from http://www.kedadyeinc.com

Sorry the teal stain formula will only work with Keda Dyes due to how powerful these wood dyes are as compared to other brands.

You can also buy Keda Wood Dyes on Amazon and eBay:

eBay: http://kedawooddyes.storefrontpro.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Wood-Dye-Aniline-Color-Powder/dp/B00BAKWTMQ

Thank you for watching, and sorry I suck so bad at making videos.


  1. john bean
    john bean 30 June, 2016, 15:49

    You don't know how helpful your video has been to me. Finding a premixed teal stain is nearly an impossible task. Frankly I'm worn out from trying to find it. I have a new custom bass being built and it's just about ready for finish. The resulting color in your video is just what I'm looking for. Your video is excellent and I now have the confidence to mix my own dyes. Hopefully I'll be able o find the Keda stain kit you used. Thanks again for your effort on this video!

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  2. Tom Wilcox
    Tom Wilcox 30 June, 2016, 15:49

    Awesome product! I have said in a few other of Kedas videos that I have used many dyes from many manufacturers and I think Keda is the best. If it cost the same as Transtint I would still buy it. I think the other brands are way to expensive. I wish you guys would make more videos. I enjoy them.

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