My Tiny Basement Machine Shop Tour!!

Here’s my main shop area and the tools I use. Not everything is shown here, but most of my larger metal working tools! This is in the basement of my house and is version 1.0 of my basement machine shop. Since this video, I have replaced pretty much every large piece of equipment for an upgraded version. Please check out my channel and check out my tiny home machine shop 2.0 to see what I’m currently working with! Much nicer stuff!

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Updated shop Tour Here!


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  1. Thema inproblem
    Thema inproblem 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    That was a great tour! Thanks for sharing it with us all. Mine is even much smaller that that! It's a machine shop in a bedroom closet. It has a compressed air source and a central vacuum system.

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  2. Lonnie Dellinger
    Lonnie Dellinger 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Thanks for the tour, nice set up. I'm still searching for my first lathe and mill so hopefully some day I'll have a set up like yours.

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  3. Bernie
    Bernie 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Hey! You should join my Rusnok Mill Yahoo Group! I have the same machine, and we have lots of info on there about them. Great shop too- mine is similar in size, but is in my garage.

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  4. George Sharkey
    George Sharkey 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    The shaper is the smallest one I think I've ever seen Two things I feel you sorely need and pedestal grinder and a surface grinder.

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  5. Danne Hughes
    Danne Hughes 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Have a twenty by twenty foot shop. You may think your crowded! Have large Cincinnati horizontal mill. guessing a ton Also have Brown and Sharp vertical mill and at least another ton. I have a Iion lathe think it's 10 by forty. Table saw two drill presses and one wood lathe. Also a service grinder and three disk Sanders. All was left to me by my Father! It's a shame I don't have the health to enjoy it. Thanks for the video I also love anything that gose bang!

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  6. kevinp860
    kevinp860 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    looks good bro….im just setting up a 22 by 24….floor got pour last week

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  7. notsoold
    notsoold 22 July, 2016, 14:36
  8. nlo114
    nlo114 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    My workroom is about 24'x12'. 50% is machine shop, 50% is storage. My biggest problem is trying to stop the floor-space in the workshop area filling up with clutter.

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  9. kpsierens
    kpsierens 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Nothing wrong with tiny shops, you can still get a lot done in them. Here are some pictures of mine 😉

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  10. fredboat
    fredboat 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    lookin good, I have a 8×20 room my self,So we learn organization,

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  11. Killinger
    Killinger 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    I had that same bench! everything was the same! color and all! I thought it was homemade. took the vise off and gave the bench to my buddy as I no longer had the room for it. it was like watching a video with my bench in it lol.

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  12. Saarloos Engineering
    Saarloos Engineering 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    The bench light is available at Ikea. Few bucks.

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  13. Tony Rowan
    Tony Rowan 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Well done in such a small space. However, not keen on seeing ammo and weapons NOT locked away.

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  14. JN 2013
    JN 2013 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    At 9:24 I came to think about Lemont in the movie Jackal, just kidding! Thanks for the tour! Take care.

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  15. doug k
    doug k 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Very Nice! Well Done, thank you!

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  16. Carl Meckle
    Carl Meckle 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    North Dakota ? Love the sticker

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  17. GnosisMan50
    GnosisMan50 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    just curios but considering the limitations of space,why do you have two lathes?

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  18. Richard Greeniing
    Richard Greeniing 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Lovely shop, small but good!please say ALUMIN_i_UM !! Rich

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  19. YCM30cnc
    YCM30cnc 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Nice shop, better than what many at your age had / have; the main thing is using whatever you have available to make whatever you want; that's far more interesting to watch than using 'just the right (whatever)' to do every job. Keep up the good work and let us know if you use Instagram.

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  20. patterickk tube
    patterickk tube 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Thank you for the video . if you could put a cost to it how much would you say the whole shop is worth?

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  21. Mike Gallagher
    Mike Gallagher 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Spitfire you have a nice little shop! I love that little Rusnok! they are hard to find! All the milling machine i have is a small mill from horror freight. I signed up! Mike Gallagher

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  22. Bradyn York
    Bradyn York 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    nice vid spitfire i was just wondering are you selling any of those carbide tips because i can not find any places over here that sells carbide tips thanx

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  23. 1995dresser
    1995dresser 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    I have  Rusnok  milling head on one of my two atlas milling machines in my home workshop  works great  also have burke millrite milling machine  like you I  also have two shapers one ammco and south bend  and  a atlas lathe  I love old machines  fixing and using them I am a machinist by trade  almost 40yrs there is nothing like these old machines  some are 70-80 yrs old and still going  you have a nice shop it gets the job done

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  24. Jake Parker
    Jake Parker 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    I have a large lathe, horizontal and vertical mill, 13" shaper, horizontal bandsaw, and a small bench lathe on a bench in a 20' x 18' shop. I dont have near the room you do. Good job bro.

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  25. pancho villa
    pancho villa 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Just make some videos dude gunsmithing whatever you do this is good man

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  26. pancho villa
    pancho villa 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Dude be proud of what you got man nice little shop dude I wish I had one??

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  27. Skip Tracer
    Skip Tracer 22 July, 2016, 14:36

    Nice shop tour video. My machining space is even smaller yet, but then I only have 1 lathe, mill and shaper to contend with. That shaper is so clean compared to the one I have, did you restore it?

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